Morbihan - Southern Brittany
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Cellar bar / Cellar eating

Tokés Du 20

It is no secret to anyone, in our family, we have a taste for the pleasures of the table, good local produce, beautiful recipes and delicious wines ... good things, in short and above all we like to share them.

Hence, the Tokés du 20, a place imagined and run by Jean-Luc Larvoir, who receives in this space dedicated to the pleasure of wine tasting and delicate flavors of the terroir, both neophytes and enthusiasts.

Its wine cellar proposes one of the widest choice of wines in the region, with 500 references from France and elsewhere. Here, to meet all tastes and desires, young fruity and gourmet cuvées mix with prestigious, complex and deep wines.

A grocery store completes this offer with its selection of craft beers and Breton and Italian products. To offer or to treat yourself, these specialties are a great idea for gifts to take home.

Alongside the drinking cellar, there is a dining cellar, ideal for enjoying on the spot in a friendly atmosphere, at the bar or at the table, these beautiful products that can accompany your wine tasting. A small restauration proposing meals "wines and cheeses", toast or burattas, salads, pâtés in jars or plates of cold meats which satisfy all appetites.

Here in Sainte-Anne-d´Auray, between Brech, Pluneret and Mériadec, Jean-Luc also invites you to participate in tasting events organized throughout the year.